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The Ritz is located on historic Circuit Avenue, in the town of Oak Bluffs. It was established as a bar in 1944. Today, it is truly an iconic venue; rich with history, legend and lore, 70 years in the making. The Ritz has live music, karaoke, theme parties and special events that appeal to the wide variety of the over 140,000 tourists that visit the island of Martha's Vineyard.

When you walk into The Ritz, you are walking into a community of islanders (and "wash-a-shores") that revere the bar, as a favorite local patron described: "the community fire". Many year-rounders work multiple jobs, while raising families and managing the long winter.


The Ritz provides that welcoming, familiar gathering spot where you can meet up with friends and relax. Whether it is listening to an amazing local band, watching a game, joining in on a karaoke sing-a-long, or just kicking back to enjoy a beer and some great food, this is the place for islanders to re-light the torch, during the long off-season.

The island is infamous for its support of our local artists, writers, and musicians. But, we also come to together to help local charities and support neighbors in times of need. The Ritz celebrates this support, this creative, community spark, adding to the richness of our "community fire."

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